The Simplest Way to Overcome Emotional Eating

Image Courtesy: Google Images

For many of us, food is always the solution. Tired? Chocolate is there for you. Stressed? French fries have your back. Upset? Pizza will never let you down. In fact, the advertising industry rides on these emotions, rewiring our brains in a way that is profitable to them, and harmful to us. We know we’re not hungry, the craving just feels too strong to resist. But this, sadly, is not necessarily the healthiest way to live, and most of us know this. Of course, occasionally indulging isn’t a problem, but it’s when you find yourself bingeing repeatedly that you start to put your health at risk.

So what can you do to try and develop a healthier relationship with food? According to health and eating psychology coach Mel Wells, the key is to think about what you’re actually craving aside from food? If you’ve ever been on a diet then you might have thought it was a smart move to try and ignore your hunger or try and suppress your cravings by distracting them. This will prove futile in the long run because it is only a temporary solution. After a certain point, your body will get used to that diet, and you will stop losing weight. This then, in turn, demotivates and discourages people to continue with their weight loss regime, or lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of ignoring your cravings, hating them or trying to distract yourself from them, you need to start embracing them, respecting them and carefully observing them. It’s when we do this that we can work on no longer feeling like a slave no just to our cravings, but our minds as well.

Remember, your cravings are here to help guide you towards your most authentic self, and your most purpose-driven life.