Befriend India: Mental health of Youth in India

And Kid, you are helpless,
with the foreign thoughts of a dirty mind. 
Young, and you are suicidal,
Lost in the high of a Hashish.
Adult, and you don’t exist.
High, and you are in a safe world. 
Breakdown, and you are forced to see the real one.
Seek help my dear,
This isn’t a lifestyle.
This crisscross,
Only when mastered,
is a boon in disguise.
Youth brings you a pleasure,
You pick it up as an escape. 
You say it’s okay,
Whom are you fooling dearest?
Nobody but you.
“Hey, do you smoke up?”
“Oh, dude, of course, let’s have a session sometime.”
Tell me something,
When did this happen?
When did the basis of a friendship become a few seeds?
It is but a muse, 
Not a way of life!
Crazy, retarded, needy,
Calling them names,
What are you then?
A bunch of opinionated clowns?
Take away the names, 
You’ll know they are just as sane.
Appreciate their good,
Or put yourself to shame.
Think! You have been there at some point.
Think! Didn’t you want to be accepted?
Think! You know you are better than that.
Logic and emotions,
They are meant to go hand in hand.
We want to bring a change,
But it’s not possible without your claim.
Come, join us in this race,
We will run together through the pouring rain.