That One Quality Some Spiritual Seekers Choose To Ignore Today : Introduction

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We often imagine spirituality with images of the Buddha, temples and other places of worship, forests of paradise, meditating in the Himalayas, faces of enlightened masters, angels, , sunsets, or any number of other dazzling images.We also associate spirituality with transcendence , heightened states of being that are invariably associated with the feelings of happiness, joy, deep inner peace and contentment.While all of this is true, the question to ask here is, in trying to be spiritual or show others that we have a lot of spiritual knowledge, are we trying to deny basic human emotions and needs, and using it as an escape mechanism?

Truth be told, I do believe that the introduction to meditation and the spiritual world that was shared with me from the age of 8, helped me keep myself and my family together during the most turbulent times of my life. But, with the amount of information over load that we have available on the internet today, a plethora of people taking various classes to go up one notch on the ladder of spirituality, we often see a lot of people being utterly confused about themselves and their lives with the amount options available, and the way it is also being marketed. As much as it is a brilliant thing that there is a percentage of the world that is trying to raise the consciousness and raising the vibrations, in turn changing the face of humanity, the question to ask here is, is a spiritual discourse or a class that is being chosen is because we feel we are not good enough, lack something and that one thing will “fill us with joy” or change our lives 360 degrees without us doing any work on our part? Marketing is done in a beautiful way but ow does it make you feel? Have the words in the advertisement made you feel like you lack something, even if you are a spiritual therapist, and doing that will make you feel complete, or does it come from a space of you are complete as you are, and it is always good to become better? Do you feel something or someone outside will “fix you” or your problems, or will awaken you to the possibilities of what you can truly do by yourself, for yourself, in order to overcome your challenges?

Have you or people you know judged someone as not a good human being, or someone with a bad energy because they did not fit the the convention spiritual norms of not meditating, chanting mantras and affirmations or any of that sort? Have you or someone you know chosen to make your identity as a “star seed”, and that you do not belong to the planet that your feet currently walk on, and hence every slander you commit is forgiven and you will not need to ground yourself because you are an angel? This kind of behavior is often known as Saccharine Spirituality. This term can be googled as I accidentally did, and it hit the nail on the right spot. This is where only the “feel-good vibe,” is propagated, and it actively avoids, denies, or shuts down anything that is real and raw, such as basic human fears, disagreement to one’s theories, or just a challenging question to one’s knowledge (or lack of it), as negative.

Empowerment, developing self-love, practicing trendy techniques that look good on the surface are emphasized, which is not entirely wrong or even bad, but what people many a times choose to forge out of ignorance is that it has the possibility of producing guilt or even a fear of anything real, too emotionally challenging, too dirty, too “u-nawakened” or too “un-spiritual. ” This is more alive and thriving today, and is visible everywhere; especially on social media.

There are endless number of times when one is judged as being less or more spiritual according to their level of hierarchy, or their knowledge on certain ancient texts. Also known as spiritual bypassing, this becomes an avoidance that we falsely hope rewards us with security and happiness, while completely putting our deeper path of self-growth and transformation on the back burner.

We might call ourselves spiritual seekers, healers, empaths, shamans, intuitives, old souls, or yogis. We may write the perfect article or a Whatsapp forward, and take Instagram worthy pictures of our retreats as spiritual bloggers. We can do affirmations and yell ‘love and light’ at the top of our voices, while also meditating and chanting for over an hour each day. We can use crystals and wands, and burn sage to ward off negativity, while also being Vegan and wearing cruelty free make up. We can attend a million seminars, watch every video, and read every self-help book on the planet, duplicating the veterans to become iconic leaders and speakers. But in all humility, all of this has no value if you lack a basic human value- COMPASSION.

Compassion in this sense is very simple- it is giving the other person the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood, without dishing out knowledge and making them feel guilty about what they already lack within them, without forcing any form of advice on them. There is a very thin line that many sometimes don’t realize When was the last time we did this? When was the last time we sat down with some and genuinely asked them to share how they feel without making fun or criticizing their emotions and telling them they should not feel this way but that? Do we own their emotions? This not only is leading to a lot of emotional and mental starvation, becoming an actual block in a person growing spiritually, but also building a world full of self-isolation, emotional-absorption, complete lack of grounding, and never ending stress.

As nice it is to have extrasensory gifts, or if you have the ability to meditate for an entire night, the truth is, most don’t care if you have deep self-knowledge or can enter alternate planes of consciousness at will, if you lack the basic sense of respecting another’s emotional state. If you cannot apply all your skills in the way you live and talk in a humble, and down-to-earth way, they mean nothing. If you cannot implement your superior spiritual knowledge in the daily grind of life, and only limit it to a particular environment or with a particular group of people, it means nothing. If you cannot show love and kindness in the way you treat and speak about others, all your ‘where energy flows attention goes’, means nothing.

If your brand of spirituality encourages self-absorption and a superficial feel-good denial of pain, not is it just a waste of time, but it is also completely opposite of what being a spiritually awakened human being should be.

Its mind-blogging the amount of ways in which we “seek to heal”, without getting down and dirty to heal the wounded heart. There are hundreds if not thousands of modalities and techniques that support the process, but if they do not teach, or you do not choose to go in deep, if they do not help you get into the gut of pain and move it out, then unfortunately, very little has been accomplished. No one can heal you apart from you, and your own willingness to do so and transform yourself into a better version of yourself. Your ability to do that resides right inside your bones, and in every single cell of your body, simply waiting for excavation and liberation.

It all boils down to just one simple thing – our own intentions for ourselves. Do we really want to develop the courage to heal ourselves, or delay it for yet another time, using the pain as a defense mechanism, being subconsciously attached to it, and terming it as spiritual growth?

P.S: The views are of the author’s and the author’s alone, from the myriad of personal and professional experiences encountered over a span of two decades. They are not intended to offend any individual, group or section of society.