Ishita Iyer

Ishita’s passion to educate and assist people through the science of consultative therapy has brought many changes to the lives of others. Her experience through vast nations has helped her develop intricate skills that bring unique and tested methods to the modern world and the very science she pursues passionately.

Being a trained Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, for over six years, Ms. Iyer has successfully aided countless individuals who suffered from anxiety, depression, illness trauma, post-surgery trauma, relationship imbalances, body image and related disorders to name a few. Her education in Psychology and her personal and professional experience has taught her the best methods to help assist others in coming up with a holistic resolution. Her desire, passion and persistence has made and will carry on helping her achieve her own goals, company goals and most importantly the goals of others.

Ms. Iyer has lived in the Southern African country of Zambia for 15 years where she had the opportunity to work with many privileged and underprivileged citizens. Ms. Iyer, having both a professional and personal interaction with these people, and with exposure to people and cultures of almost 40 different nationalities at a very young age, has provided her with the ability to work with individuals from almost all cultural, religious and racial backgrounds while also respecting the same.

Currently residing in Mumbai, India, she actively helps bring forth positive changes to not just lives of others personally, but society as a whole, while working with numerous people across the globe therapeutically. Being passionate about health- mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, Ms. Iyer actively works towards causes such as Suicide Prevention, Menstrual Health and Feminine Hygiene and has spoken on various platforms. She actively mentors numerous people on the same, after initiating a personalized Mental Health Helpine.  

Ishita has also been actively associated with  numerous projects and camps dedicated to underprivileged children where she helped them learn English and general etiquette, and also assisting a Child Cancer cause, at Tata Memorial Hospital, in Mumbai. She has also worked with underprivileged young women by showing them the necessary ways to maintain their personal hygiene and body especially when going through the adolescent phase.

Ishita’s desire, passion and persistence has taught her the best methods to serve humanity as a whole, and empower people to be the best versions of themselves.