Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy and how does it work?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Therapy is defined as the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means. It is the process of meeting with a trained therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body). Approaches include cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and other kinds of talk therapy and therapeutic modalities— that help individuals work through their challenges.

What does a Therapist do?

Therapy is a professionally collaborative relationship between an individual and a psychologist/therapist. Talk Therapy, which is also known as Psychotherapy is a very important part of treating mental health challenges such as Major Depressive Disorder, Bi-Polar disorder, etc. A therapist helps you connect the dots and understand your condition in a scientific, compassionate and a non-judgmental manner, and guide you to cope with your dis-empowering emotions, change behavioral patterns that may contribute to your symptom, thereby assiting you in changing your mental, emotional, spiritual lifestyle as a whole.

Does Therapy include medication?

No. We are NOT medically or legally authorized to prescribe any Psychiatric medication, and we shall not either. However, you might be suggested to consult your Physician or Psychiatrist and inform them that you are opting to take Therapy to help you cope better.

Since we at The Blue Lotus use a holistic approach towards healing and treatments, you might be suggested to get your Vitamins and Minerals checked and supplement them, while also making subtle dietary changes to aid your gut in helping you to work on your health much faster.

How long does a Therapy and Consultation Last?

The 1st consultation lasts for 30-40 minutes. Each session is approximately between an hour to an hour and a half max.

Does Naturopathy involve medication?

No, the philosophy of Naturopathy Medicine revolves around healing without drugs, with the assistance of what Mother Nature has abudantly provided us with. It it more diet and lifestyle based, with plenty herbal remedies, nutrition, water based therapies etc. This does not mean that you completely eliminate medication if you are on them, not disown any previous medical treatment of any sort. We have high regards for all Allopathic doctors and are here to assist and walk side by side, and not compete them or put them down. 

Does Therapy cost money?

Any professional service requires a healthy energy exchange, hence yes. Each session lasts an hour to max an hour and 15 minutes and service fees apply accordingly. For more details on the fee structure, kindly connect with us. 

How do I pay?

If you are coming for a one on one session, it would be ideal to pay in cash. Since we resonate and a very active with all digital transactions, you can also make payments via Google Pay,  NEFT (bank transfer), or PayPal.

For International Clients, PayPal is the safest and the easiest option, and the fees quoted above have the transaction fees included.

If you are of Indian origin and you reside outside of India, and if you or your relatives have an Indian Bank Account, doing an NEFT would work out better for you, and us. You can always then pay them in your local currency or whatever way possible for you.

Bank details and payment links shall be shared personally over a text message or on email.

In how much time do I pay?

We do understand all your concerns, and our aim is always to make you feel at peace, even when it comes to paying us. That in itself should be a joyous experience and not lead to any stress. If you reside in India, you shall have to process the fees within 24 hours post the session. If you reside outside of India, you shall have to process the fees within 3days, after the session.

What if I can’t afford to pay the full amount right away?

Talk to us and we’ll work it out. Your well-being is our priority. We want to help you and we’ll do our best to work with you to achieve what you came into therapy for. Remember, if you are trying to quit a habit that costs you money, like smoking or alcohol, then the process will pay for itself rather quickly. Either way we can figure out a reasonable solution for payments.

How many sessions do I need till I fully recover?

We are of the belief one does not need to stay in therapy forever, nor does it have to be a very long process that becomes heavy on your pockets. This usually depends from case to case, and also on how much self-work that is taught during the course of therapy is implemented and worked on. It can take anywhere between 1-6 sessions on average. Some find resolution in just the 1st case receiving consultation, and some may need more. We are always there if assistance of any therapeutic kind is needed in future also.

Will taking Therapy solve all my problems?

Therapy is not a magic pill, nor is it a way to escape daily realities of life. We assist you in trusting your own voice, your own courage, your intuition, your inner healer, your gut etc. We help you in taking responsibility for your own life, because you are the only person who can change it they way you want to, and IF you want to.

Life, as truly magical, easy and effortless it is, it comes with its challenges and set backs too, which therapy will not guarantee will not come once you are out of it. What therapy will help you do is develop better coping mechanisms and resilience to face those challenges, and emerge stronger, and victorious despite it all.

Taking therapy also does not mean you will have not bad days, or you will be superficially positive 24/7. The truth is, low days happen to the best of us. Therapy helps you not resist it, embrace it with love, so it doesn’t over power you, and you can bounce back faster and stronger than before.

If I take Therapy, will my loved ones change?

Unfortunately, no. If you are coming into therapy to prove it to your loved ones that you are good enough and so that they change, it may not work. You take therapy for your own well-being. Also, in all honesty, we have no right, no power, no ability, nor any responsibility to change anyone but ourselves. Hence, whatever you choose to do, do it because you Want To, and not because you Have To.

I am not sure if I need Therapy. I just want to explore.

Hence, the arrangement for the 1st consultation has been provided. You will not be forced nor insisted to take up further sessions if you feel you do not want to or need to. You being solely responsible for your life, get to choose what you want and don’t want.

Will therapy work for me?

There honestly is no easy answer for this. Therapy is committing to yourself, that you will put yourself first, and do all the inner work needed to overcome your challenges. In short, therapy like anything else works if you do, or want it to. Its all a choice.

Can you tell me more about the techniques that will be used?

Ishita will help you better understand your habitual mental patterns in order to change your behavioral and reactive mechanisms. The techniques are not mumbo-jumbo/rocket since – just simple processes of introspection. They are designed to uproot your belief that “quitting/letting go/changing is difficult,” which is likely the main hurdle for you to overcome in order to make the choice to quit an unhealthy habit, including belief systems.

You will thereby experience the possibility that it is, in fact, easy for you to change. Once this realization dawns on you, then all there is left to do is to find a way to creatively implement a plan of action. Ishita will then lead you through various processes to direct your energy toward a new, healthy, and enriching lifestyle.

How easy will this be?

It’s going to be different for everyone, but in most cases, change comes effortlessly. You won’t know until you try how easy it can be. If you do not experience quick relief from your habit, we have systems in place to help the process along. Once again, we nudge you lovingly to see the benefits of investing in your own well-being, and help you realize that change can come with ease joy and glory. What you get out of investing in your own mental and emotional well-being, is always more than what you have put in.

What if I fall back into my old ways?

If you need help we are always here for you. Of course, this is within reasonable limits. If you fall back into your old pattern for any reason we can reinforce the work with a follow-up session, but ultimately it is up to you to make the decision. We want to help you take responsibility, not to create a new dependent relationship.

Will I experience withdrawals, especially if there is addiction involved?

Maybe, maybe not. It will depend on few factors. One factor is what substance you are dealing with, since some substances are more physically addictive than others. Another will be your level of habituation. Your body is accustomed to something that it will no longer be receiving and it might respond with the symptoms of withdrawals. This also applies to being emotionally addicted to being in a certain way, and being addicted to people, places and things

Another set of factors is your level of commitment to change. If you are committed to following through it will certainly help you move gracefully and easily through withdrawals. Basically, we are working under the principle that the mental level is much more important to overcome. Once that shift occurs you can easily triumph over the habit.

Will I have cravings?

The more deeply rooted a habit is the more likely there will be cravings. But any cravings should be surprisingly easy to manage. Once you go through the process you will understand how your cravings arise and how to liberate them from attachment to your habit.

You have three basic choices with regard to withdrawals and cravings:

1. Try to fight against them.

2. Give into them.

3. Work with them with love

By learning to transform your habits, you will have the tools to successfully implement the third option.

I am not spiritual not religious nor do I want to be. Will there be meditation involve? I truly cannot do that as yet.

As much as meditation is one of the best remedies available to us, we do not force any rigid belief systems upon anyone. We do share examples and success stories, in order to inspire that a human mind is capable of overcoming anything it wants to, it is not a necessity.

You do not need to believe in nor belong to any religious or spiritual background. All you need to have is some self-awareness and a willingness to consider some basic questions about how your mind functions with regard to your habits and your behavioral patterns.

Can any habit be transformed?

Yes, whether it is a material substance or a pattern of thinking, as long as it is still within the realm of your choice. We do not claim to be able to change severe, life-threatening addictions, that are beyond your control; and we believe severe substance addiction requires a rehabilitation center. If you are suffering from life-threatening addiction PLEASE enter a rehabilitation program first.

Do I stop taking medication if I am on any and stop talking to my doctor?

Absolutely NOT! You will have to share your entire medical history in the 1st consultation, with your medical reports. If you are on medication, DO NOT stop them unless your MEDICAL DOCTOR tells you so. If you have been suggested PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION, and you have been summoned to take them for a longer time, please do so. Therapy is not to replace or fight any other forms of treatments. We believe in holistically treating an individual, from the roots, but that doesn’t mean that you need to risk your life for it. If you are having an emergency like a heart-attack, severe vomiting or need a surgery, kindly admit yourself into a hospital first and then speak to me if needed.

What is so different about your techniques? There are a plethora of others around.

We respect all schools of thoughts, and all those who teach and follow them, equally. We do not like to create a personal dependency or resort to any following. Our techniques are aimed at quickly and effectively empowering you to uproot the habit from your mind, rather than merely treating the physical symptom. It increases your possibilities, giving you the freedom to choose what benefits you most. Where the mind goes, the body follows.

Will this be private?

Absolutely. Nothing will be disclosed and if you choose to, no records will be kept, with the exception of payment history. We completely honor and respect you, and your journey as a human being, and will do all we can to protect it in the right way as well. You can trust in us for this.

Can I or do I need to bring a loved one/partner/parent inside the therapy room with me?

No, we do not permit this. We respect, value and guarantee 100% of confidentiality and privacy. Also, having someone else you know around changes the authenticity of the therapy, since the person who has chosen to undergo will very humanly feel conscious and judged.

Can we be friends and hang out post we are done with therapy?

Apologies, but no. A decorum will have to be followed. We do not accept any gifts in exchange of therapy. For any physical or sexual mis-conduct, appropriate action will be taken.

Are you available all the time if I need?

We understand that sometimes, you may need support and want your questions answered at odd hours, but it is not humanly possible for us to do so all the time. Just as you might be working a few set hours in a day professionally, so do we, and we would like you to respect the same.Since we deal with multiple people in a day, it is not possible. Our consultation time is from 9.30 am – to 9 pm. You can leave a message or an email, and we shall revert to you the next morning.